Best rated table saw

Best rated table sawOur dining table saw review fast revealed that today’s mobile table saws are light-years before their small-saw offerings from a decade past. They comprise big-capacity cuttingedge, significantly enhanced safety features and connected racks for effortless installation. And gears at the top price range equal stationary saws in precision and high quality of cut. We restricted our review to gears which comprised a rack with wheels and ones which could split at least 24 in. Broad, just the very best table saw for our subscribers! Best rated table saw – Questions and answers.

Thick slabs of walnut to come up with the very best table saw. And lastly, we utilized the gears to get more traditional tasks such as cutting ripping and plywood framing timber as another evaluation to ascertain the best table saw.

Best rated table saw – All seven trimming nicely

Our main surprise whilst conducting the very best table saw review evaluations was at the outer power and the standard of cut: There was not much difference . These saws torn through 3-in. -thick walnut without hesitating. We attempted this evaluation with the inventory blades which came on the gears. We then repeated the test with a top notch blade in every saw.

However, the difference was insignificant. The sole saw that fought to create smooth cuts from the super-thick walnut was that the Ryobi. In more common circumstances, like trimming 3/4-in. -thick cloth, Ryobi’s cut grade was nice. We discovered the blades contained with the saws to be sufficient for many ripping tasks. But should you desire cuts smooth sufficient for adhesive joints, then you are going to need to invest in a bigger blade.

Smooth and quick alterations are this version’s name. If you’re searching for a somewhat portable and flexible unit, then this specific one may look interesting enough. It sports a 15-amp engine that doesn’t head cutting thick plywood such as a hot knife through butter.

The very first thing people see about this unit is its own layout. The rolling rack is especially designed to enhance the transportation of the saw. In other words, whenever you have to move it, then you can do it simply by rolling the device onto its own wheels. An additional noteworthy issue is that the 2-inch dust collector interface. It is easy to link it to a vacuum and then extract the dust economically and without a lot of hassle.

If it comes to the ease of usage, it is somewhere in the center. To put it differently, some people today find it quite simple to use while some do stumble upon some problems while managing the DWE7491RS. To avoid unpleasant surprises, then you must always read the guide before using any electrical tool, particularly the heavy duty ones.

Security is at a fairly large degree, to say the very least. There are a couple integrated mechanisms that stop injuries from occurring, but it does not mean that you should not manage it with caution. Whether you are a skilled or a newcomer, you’ll certainly enjoy this specific version as a result of its flexibility and a broad variety of potential.

The thing you may not enjoy about it’s the non-flat table . Lots of men and women find this drawback as rather a burden, particularly if you’re processing absolutely horizontal wood. Additionally, the protective coating on top facet of the model is really subpar. In reality, it barely shields anything. As a result, it is going to peel off very fast. So far as the cost goes, it is alright, but it might have been a bit more economical.

Job website table saw features a strong, industrial level 15 A motor which works at 4,500 RPM, providing you with the ability to cut through even the toughest woods. Among the greatest features is its high work table that also has a telescoping extension, enabling tear cuts around 35 in. Broad! When you set the ability of the table saw with the bevel table and range dimensions, you will be able to power through almost any endeavor you throw it! Additional fantastic features include: front mounted controllers, over sized controllers, integrated security change, and also a soft start function which will help reduce recoil in startup.

From it is strong 15amp engine and 32.5 in. Tear capacity to it is integrated dust vacuum and simple to transport rolling rack, this DEWALT dining table is saw is about to handle your main woodworking jobs.

Best rated table saw – Best Mobile Jobsite Table Saw

Among the most frequently used power tools for carpenters is that the table saw. For carpenters which don’t function exclusively from the store a mobile jobsite table saw is vital. With this Head-to-Head we are focusing on corded mobile 10″ jobsite table saws. We’re not including cordless table saws in this evaluation as we intend on doing the following head-to-head only for cordless table gears after this season as many are available today.

Initially, we’d also to add Ryobi as a budget friendly choice for DIY’ers or men just beginning in the transactions. But we’re unable to accommodate that watched to our own testing rigs so that we pulled it in the testing (you will observe some pictures together with the saw but we’re not adding it at the outcomes ).

My intention on this site is to supply you with all you want to know about table saws. I’ve attempted to stay objective as informative as you can, and that I expect you’ll have the ability to tell that if reading the testimonials. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful when it is time to pick out a table saw on your workshop or home. Fantastic luck and take good care.

These saws have 15-amp motors and also therefore are capable of ripping plywood and boards, but you will find things that set them apart. We found that the gaps in the ideal table saw were at the standard and simplicity of use of attributes like stands, blade guards, tear blade and fences controllers.
What is the Finest Table Saw For You?

Table gears in this ideal table saw inspection run the gamut in quality and price. It’s possible to purchase a table saw for just as much as $150, and if you use it only to sometimes tear a plank, that could be the saw you want. If you’d like a saw that is easy to transport and also you do not have to tear sheets of plywood in half, start looking for a”compact” watched such as the DeWalt DW745 (displayed ) or the Bosch GTS1031. In case you have space for a bit bigger saw that is slightly less mobile but effective at broad rips, consider among the very best table saws we examine here. And lastly, if you would like to construct furniture or cabinets and have a large enough job area, you can measure up into a static contractor’s watched such as the Ridgid R4512 (displayed ), for approximately $650.

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Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018

Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018Twitter isn’t a link building service. In fact, aside from the one link you get in your 140-character limit bio, there isn’t a whole lot of potential for building links through Twitter. At least, not directly. However, there are some indirect methods for building links. Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018.

We’ve written about pinging your Twitter stream before. But what we haven’t talked about is how to use Twitter as link bait.

You want to build links to your website, right? Well, you have to promote it then and Twitter is a great way to promote your website. A GREAT way. Here’s one method you can use to get Twitter’s help in building inbound links to your website.

  • Build up a massive Twitter following. There are several online tools available to help you find people with interests like yours. Whichever ones you decide to use, keep in mind that the more followers you have the more likely you are to get people retweeting your blog posts and linking to you from their blogs.
  • Tweet your blog posts. Kind of a no-brainer, right? How are you going to build links to a site if no one knows about it? Use a Tweet/Retweet plugin for WordPress if you have a WP blog. Also, use Twitter Tools or another similar plugin so that your blog posts are automatically Twittered when they post. Bottom line, get your blog posts on Twitter where your massive follower list will see it.
  • Build relationships with your followers. Tweet their blogs posts and retweet their messages. They will reciprocate. Also, send @replies and get people to talking. Once they realize you are a real human being and you have a personality, they will read your blog posts, tweet them, and link to you from their blogs.
  • Use Tweetlater to retweet awesome blog posts a couple of weeks out. Just when the online passion has died down you can resurrect again with a carefully placed tweet when your followers least expect it.
  • Bookmark it. Twittley is a social bookmarking service that automatically sends a tweet when you bookmark a page. Also, whenever someone else votes for your submissions, Twittley will send out a retweet. And since it is a fairly new service, you can virtually get in on the ground floor and building your reputation before the competition does.
  • Build content worth linking to. Really, this one should be the first item on the list. You can do all of the other stuff here and never get a link back if your content isn’t link worthy. The No. 1 way to ensure you get a link is to make your content worthy of links.

Twitter is a great tool for promotion. It won’t provide the links for you, but you can use Twitter to promote your great content and your followers will link to the really good stuff.

Premium WordPress Themes – Media Links

You know that .gov and .edu links are some of the most valuable links you can get. But what about media links?

From a search engine optimization point of view, media links hold no special value, but from a traffic and authority point of view they hold a lot of value. The reason is quite simple. If you get a link from an authoritative media website then it is seen by the majority of readers as a strong vote of confidence in your authority.

But it isn’t easy getting media links. Perhaps the best way to ensure you get that coveted media link is to send a press release. But you should make sure you send it to the right person at the right media company. Perform a search for keywords related to your niche and add “news” or “media” as a modifier to your key phrase. This will usually return news and media sites within your industry. Once you find a website in your area of interest that writes news-related content, look for areas within the site that serve your particular specialty within the niche. If there isn’t one that look for the contact information for an editor-in-chief or someone who writes about your topical area.

Targeting the right information to the right person is key to getting good links. You should consider building a rapport with a news journalist before sending a press release or query. That will not guarantee a story or a link to your website, but it will mean you are going in warm rather than cold and that could make all the difference. What tips do you have for getting media links?

Premium WordPress Themes – Link Your Website

Google put a snuff in website networks last year with one simple change to its algorithm. Does that mean that you can’t link your websites together at all as part of your link building and long term search engine optimization efforts? No, that’s not what that means.

There are legitimate reasons for linking your websites together. The practice that Google was attempting to put an end to, and which they seem to have succeeded, is using non-related sites to drive up page rank and link popularity unnaturally just because a certain group of websites are owned by the same person or company, or to prevent unnatural agreements occurring between website owners. Think about it: If you have a website on auto mechanics, another one on gardening, a third on about skydiving, a fourth one that is a literary website, and then a fifth site that is religious in nature, none of those sites have anything in common other than your ownership of them. If you did not own them there would be no reason why those websites should link together. So why link them?

Many webmasters were linking these kinds of sites together for an unnatural PR transference and Google didn’t like it. For instance, if your literary site was a PR 7 and all others were PR 5 and below, a webmaster might link to his other sites from the PR 7 site. He’d like the PR 5 site to all sites with a lower PR. Bad karma, dude.

But you might try going it like this – build a personal site or a site around your brand. Make it a branded site by just providing information about you or your company. Then link to all of your sites from that location, like it’s a hub. It will have a lower PR than the rest of your sites since it is newer. But don’t link any of your other sites together. You may or may not link your other sites to your hub. That’s up to you.

By doing it this way you are still linking your sites together, but you are doing it legitimately by making the connection that your sites, though covering separate niches, are related by your ownership. You are showing Google that you aren’t concerned with PR manipulation, rather, with making sure that your site visitors are aware of your connection to the separate niches.

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Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018 – Clean coded

Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018There are times when we pay too much attention to link building and not enough to the many other SEO factors that go into ranking well in the search results. This can be particularly true if we are trying to climb above one of our competitors in those search results. Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

It is quite easy to find information on our competitors. One piece of important information is how many backlinks your competitors have. If you find that you have far more backlinks than your competitor, yet still not outranking them, perhaps it’s time to start looking at other SEO factors.

Perhaps their content has a better ratio of keywords than yours. It could be you have too many keywords, or not enough. Other SEO factors such as page titles, internal links, the use of H1 and H2 within the content; these can all contribute to your overall search rankings.

You may need to dig deeper. Perhaps your internal links are not using the right anchor text or the URL is not keyword optimized. Sometimes, believe it or not, you are placing too much emphasis on the SEO factors and not enough emphasis on the visitor.

A web site can rank very well in the search results, however if enough visitors bounce away because of lousy content, then your ranking may suffer considerably. Checking your bounce rate is a must and it should be checked frequently as part of your SEO monitoring process. If it is high, try to reduce it by reworking your content so it aligns more closely to your keywords.

There are many areas that need looking at when it comes to SEO, don’t just concentrate on backlinks.

Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018 – Social Media

Social media is becoming used as both a marketing and link building option by many SEO proponents. There are many different types of social media outlets ranging from forums through social bookmarking and social interaction sites like Facebook and Myspace.

It often appears that individuals who use these sites do so to get incoming links and traffic coming into their pages, but not going back out again. From an SEO perspective I can understand the thinking – if there is any. Sometimes it is done without giving any thought to reversing the process.

Many will ask, “why would you link back to a social site?” Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t. But there are times when your promotion of a social site may ultimately benefit your own SEO agenda.

Take a forum. Most forums are specialized, which means the links coming back could be considered quality. The downside of many forums that specialize is that they don’t receive masses of traffic themselves. If you promote these forums you can help to build their numbers and this growth could be exponential; that is, for every visitor you introduce the long benefit may be 5 or 10 new members as they introduce new members themselves.

How does this help your long term SEO? In simple terms, the more members in a forum, the more exposure you will receive. Consider a forum with 50 members and 10%, at various times, link back to your site – that’s five links. Increase that number to 250 members and you receive – twenty-five relevant links.

It may seem I am mocking these links, I am not. It is the long term that is important. If each site that has linked to your pages receives 200 visitors per day – that is a total of 1000 from five links – compare that to 5000 from twenty-five links. If 10% of those visitors click through to your pages, that is a 100 compared to 500. We could carry this on with 10% of those visitors linking, and so on. You can see the cumulative effect.

This has all been generated simply by promoting that forum and increasing the number of members. If you look at some of the larger SEO related forums that are around today, particularly those that have been around for five plus years, members of these forums who have remained active now boast backlinks into the tens of thousands. A majority of those backlinks would have had their origins in the forums and you can guarantee that in the early days they were keen to promote them. Many of these long term forum members are still actively engaged in promoting the forum and trying to attract new members.

Forums are just one example. Social bookmarking has the potential to deliver similar results in a shorter period of time. By simply promoting a social site, your own long term SEO goals may be given a sizeable boost.

Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018 – SEO And Backlinks

The forums at DigitalPoint have been discussing the apparent change in Yahoo! back link counts. One voice appears to have lost 5000 links. From an SEO point of view, this could be a heavy loss; it really depends on what percentage those links form. If his starting point is in excess of 20,000, a 25% loss is significant.

Google can be very slow at updating their back link counts. Most SEO experts become quite frustrated with the delay between creating a link and its appearance in Google’s stats. Google are also fairly fastidious as to what they call a link. Yahoo! may show several thousand links while Google will only show several hundred.

There are many reasons behind this difference, one of the major ones being no follows and how they are handled. It has been apparent that Yahoo! often counts no follow links. For this reason alone a link on a nofollow site can still be useful to your ultimate SEO goals. Yahoo! is also prepared to count multiple links on the one page where Google will generally only count the link once. However, one commenter on DigitalPoint made the observation that:

Sometimes there can a real risk in becoming too absorbed in the data. Search engines will change their algorithms without warning. The focus should be on delivering what the consumers or visitors are looking for. The major search engines will over time use the habits of users to determine rank as much as external factors such as linking. Search engine optimization will become much tougher as time goes by, however, if you can attract visitors and keep them on your site; this will overtime do as much for your rankings as any back link.

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The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018

The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018New webmasters might be confused about the difference between visitors and unique visitors in your analytics program. If you’re not sure which metric is the more important of the two then perhaps you need to spend a little more time analyzing your traffic. Your Visitor count is the total number of visitors in the reporting period you are observing. Unique visitors is the number of visitors who have visited your site for the first time. Which is the more important metric for your site depends a lot on your site’s mission and your goals, but for most website owners, both metrics tell a story. Total visitor count is an important metric because it tells you precisely how many people who have been on your website. That’s important for determining your conversion rate. 1,000 visitors resulting in 100 sales equals a 10% conversion rate. You can build from that. The Best premium WordPress themes for 2018 with color picker and animation.

Unique visitors are important too, however. Most visitors will not purchase on the first visit. If you have a high unique visitor count relative to your total visitors then that means you are not getting many repeat visitors. That could be a telling sign that your content is not compelling enough. It could also mean that you are losing opportunities to convert traffic and close sales. Maybe your calls to action need work or you are losing visitors somewhere else within your sales pitch. Whatever the case, a high unique visitor count relative to your total visitor count means that most of your site visitors are not returning.

Measuring traffic is not all about raw numbers. It’s about reaching the right target market. And if you have a high unique visitor count relative to your total visitor count, it could be because you are not reaching the right target market. Maybe you need to target other keywords as part or your search engine optimization efforts or create better, stickier content to engage your visitors better to keep them coming back to your website.

Hopefully this will give you some helpful tips into the relationship between your total visitors and unique visitors. Knowing how to analyze your traffic numbers can go a long way to knowing how to solve your online problems and can help you craft a long term strategy for future success.

Premium WordPress Themes – Best Things

Some of the best things in life are free. Google Analytics is one of them…Google Analytics is one of the easiest tools to implement when it comes to ensuring that you are able to track your website statistics and have a working intelligence of your search engine optimization and search engine marketing efforts. You just set up an account and add the code provided to you to the footer of your website pages. Then you are able to view your statistics at a glance. There are elements that are perfect for the novice and expert users alike.

To sign up for a Google Analytics account, migrate over to and click the link on the right of the screen that reads “Sign Up Now”. You’ll see it just under the blue button labeled Access Analytics. You’ll receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. Click that link and sign into your Google Analytics account.

You should see a button that says “Get Started”. Click it and Google Analytics will walk you through the steps to set up your website for tracking. When you get the tracking code, simply insert it onto your web pages in the footer, before the closing body tag. You’ll have to do this for every page of your website. Google Analytics will not track the stats for any page that does not have this code.

It will take about 24 hours before you can view your statistics after including the code on your website. Once you do, you can use that information to better market yourself and make intelligent decisions about how you run your business and your website.

Premium WordPress Themes – New Features

If you use Google Analytics, which is perhaps the best free analytics tool online, then you should know that the Google team behind it has added new features. These features are designed to help power users make the most of the analytics tool and to make the tool more flexible. I think Google succeeds on this one.

Here’s a run down of the new features:

  • Two new goal types and expansion of the number of goals allowed
  • Expanded mobile reporting
  • Advanced Table Filtering
  • Unique Visitor Metric for custom reports
  • Multiple custom variables
  • Sharing and custom reports expansion features
  • Analytics Intelligence
  • Custom Alerts

While all of these features are great new features for someone, I think two of the most robust off these features are the last two (Analytics Intelligence and Custom Alerts). You can set up GA to alert you weekly or monthly when certain important metrics occur on your site and Google Analytics will keep an eye on key metrics and notify you when important milestones are reached based on a programmed algorithm. Google Intelligence looks to be quite promising to all webmasters and I can’t wait to see it in action.

Premium WordPress Themes – Base64 Code

Base64 code derives its name from the fact that it uses only 64 characters. MIME-based (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), Base64 uses only A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and the “+” and “/” symbols. That’s 64 characters, hence the name.

In and of itself, Base64 is not bad. It has its practical uses. One of its widest applications is in embedding binary files such as images within scripts. This allows a coder to include the photo on the page rather than in an external file. It is also used to store passwords for encryption.

The problem with Base64 encoding is its strengths are also its weaknesses. Because it is useful in obfuscating passwords and embedding binary files within scripts, it is easy for spammers and malware distributors to use as well. In fact, this is often precisely what they do. And they do from within your WordPress themes. Some WordPress developers have figured out that they can use Base64 to embed a delayed script within the footer of your WordPress theme that is activated once so many downloads of that theme have been distributed. Then, you have a malware problem.

Other theme developers sell links that are placed within WordPress theme footers. You can’t see them because they stored inside a Base64 encoding string. It looks like one link to the naked eye, but in reality it could be linking to half a dozen or more websites. Even if those sites are all good and pose no threats, it’s still not something you want to do, right?

Well, there is a solution to this problem. You can download the Theme Authenticity Checker for WordPress and detect these Base64 strings that link to sites you do not want to endorse. You can then either delete those links from your blog’s footer or find a new theme. Either way, you rid yourself of unwanted Base64 code.

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Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress ThemesIf you are serious about keeping your blog or website up to date with the latest search engine optimization and ranking protocols then at some point you may be faced with the decision to change your permalink structures just as John Furst recently did. There is more than one way to do this. The most obvious way is with a 301 redirect. Another way to do it is through your .htaccess file by using the Mod Rewrite to change the rules of your permalink structure. Premium WordPress Themes – Modern Themes.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. With 301 redirects, if you have a lot of inbound links to your website you’ll get to keep those. That’s important to understand. Because if you simply change the rewrite rules for your permalinks in your .htaccess then you’ll lose those links. Site visitors will be redirected to the correct permalink for sure, but you want to keep any link juice you’ve earned intact along the way.

While changing your mod rewrite rules in .htaccess is a quick and permanent way to redirect old URLs to new URLs that are more search engine friendly, please consider the long range link building implications that could create. You’ll have to start over with your link building and if you have blog posts that have been good link bait, keep in mind that you will lose those links. You may want to use the 301 redirect instead.

Premium WordPress Themes – Site Migration

Matt Cutts is changing his domain name. The interesting thing is he is changing several things at once and using a 302 redirect, which is temporary. Ordinarily, this isn’t the way you’d do it. Matt says so himself:

Note: changing your IP address, webhost, domain name, blog template, and blog version all at the same time is the exact opposite of what you should normally do. It’s better to change only one thing at a time so that if something goes horribly wrong, you can trace what caused it.

Also, if you were truly moving a site, a 302 redirect wouldn’t be the right redirect to use–a 301 (permanent) redirect would be better.

Which brings up the question, How should you do it?

If you were truly moving your site from one domain name to another, I’d recommend that you start with the move to a new domain itself. That way, if something goes wrong with that then you can just delete the redirect you’ve placed on your old site and go back to the way it was. Very easy to do. If I were doing this move, I’d do it in the following order:

  • Buy a domain name and redirect the old site to the new one
  • Upgrade to the latest version of WordPress
  • Change to a new theme
  • Change hosts and IP address

Alternatively, you could move the first step to last and do all of your onsite changing first before you move. But you certainly don’t want to do it all at the same time.

Also, you definitely want a 301 redirect if you are planning your move on a permanent basis, but using a 302 redirect is a good way to test your new home. If it doesn’t work out then you can just replace your new .htaccess file with the old one and go back to your old domain name. That’s certainly a lot easier to do.

Premium WordPress Themes – Hourly Statistics

Almost one month ago Google Analytics announced that hourly tracking was possible. This is a huge move, especially for TV advertisers.

Let’s say that you have a new TV ad campaign starting next week. You target your advertising to three separate geographical areas, but you decide to run the same TV commercial in all areas and at different times of the day. Hourly tracking allows you to see which ad is most effective. If you see any traffic spikes directly after your ad runs in any of those three markets then you can know whether those TV ads are working or not.

I think it would be nice to have this tool for tracking radio ads and normal web traffic as well. There may be times when I want to see if a particular website gets more traffic in the morning or in the evening, whether I’m advertising that site on TV or not.

Still, for TV advertisers this is a great tool to work with because TV ads are known to run at specific times and you can see when they run. Therefore, you can tell if the ad is effective or not judging by spikes in your website traffic. That’s a real historic move for advertising and could lead to some real innovation in integrated marketing strategies.

Premium WordPress Themes – More Relevant

In the early days of the Internet a website allowing Internet users an opportunity to check out websites to see if they were trustworthy got its start and carved out a niche for itself. That website was Alexa.

Over time, Alexa improved its offerings and quickly become the site to go to in order to determine site trustworthiness. Alexa was truly the first website of any note that could be relied upon for objective information. It wasn’t perfect, but it was the best available. Then, savvy webmasters stopped relying on it. But recent upgrades may make Alexa relevant again. And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Andy Beal said the same thing this morning.

I like a lot of the new stats that Alexa is tracking. Specifically, here are some new stats that Alexa is offering that it didn’t track before:

  • Yesterday’s stats for traffic rank, reach, and pageviews
  • 7 day average stats for traffic rank, reach, and pageviews
  • Hot URLs (pages that are hot right now)
  • Traffic rank by country
  • Ranking by niche category and very deep subcategories

Alexa, it appears, is trying to make itself relevant again. I’m anxious to see what happens with this service in the near future. Will Alexa receive a surge in toolbar uses unlike anything seen before?

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Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – Responsive Websites

Premium WordPress ThemesBanner Advertising is a method to make money blogging. For those of you who have a blog with good traffic, you can use this method to generate extra money from your blog. For those of you who use WordPress as a blog platform you can use a WordPress plugin to make this process easier. Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – Responsive Websites for your business.

If you don’t want to join Blog Advertising Network to manage your advertising, you can choose to manage them by yourself. One plugin that allows you to manage your own advertising banner is MyAdManager WordPress Plugin.

MyAdManager is WordPress plugin that designed to allow your blog visitors who are interested to advertise on your blog to self service adding ads banner process: start from determine ads name, ads images, URL pointed and payment process through paypal.

In this post you can learn step by step to install and use MyAdManager on your WordPress blog:

  1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Setting Your Ads: Primary Settings and Buy AD form Settings

Here you can set how many ads to display horizontally and vertically. Set margin around Each AD, Cost per AD for 1month and 1 week. You also can choose to Enable Paypal payment form. if you anable this option you must add your Paypal email for transaction.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – Add your ad

You can pointing the banner ads and set this as your home (internal ads) or outside (external/another ads by your visitor or advertiser). For the home ads I recommend you to create special page to add special advertisement ads form. For example you can create It’s easy, you just need to check Enable Paypal payment form radio button on Buy AD form Settings. You can do this by adding [myadmanager_show_form] on your advertising page.

For optional you also can use alternate landing page for successful or thank you page for advertiser after successful payment.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – add MyADManager Widget

After that you can add the MyADManager Widget in your sidebar or wherever you want to display the Ads.

Save your MyAdManagers widget and after that you can see the ‘Buy Ad-Space’ banner on sidebar. When the visitor comes and click the banner they will send to advertise page. This page is self service advertising that can easily done by visitor just in minutes. here how the form look like.

Advertiser will able to define their url landing page, image to use, ad name, and ad package. Like you have set on ad price (you have to option; weekly or monthly basis) advertiser choose the option package and price you provide.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – Payment via Paypal

If advertiser agree with the price and want to complete the process, their can confirm or just go back to edit ther ad banner. After confirm advertiser will send to paypal page.

To see all of transaction have done you can go to MyAdminManager -> Transaction Log.

What do you think? I have made money with this plugin from direct advertising. I hope you can make it too 🙂 If you interesting to use MyAdManager WordPress Plugin you can download here!

WordPress Twitter Plugin: Twitter Tools by Alex King

Twitter is Rock! Twitter is an easy way to connect with your friends online. How do bloggers use twitter? Twitter can be a good tool to get easy blog traffic. So, integrating your wordpress blog with twitter and post update each other is a desire by bloggers.

For WordPress users, in this post we announce you one of the most popular WordPress Twitter Plugin: Twitter Tools!

Twitter Tools is WordPress plugin by Alex King that creates integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. Twitter Tools allows you to pull your tweets into your blog (as posts and digests) and create new tweets on blog posts and from within WordPress.
Twitter Tools Installation

  • 1. Download the twitter tools plugin archive and expand it.
  • 2. Put the ‘twitter-tools’ directory into your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • 3. Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress Administration area and click ‘Activate’ for Twitter Tools.

    Twitter Tools – URLs – Use for URL shortening with Twitter Tools. This plugin relies on Twitter Tools, configure it on the Twitter Tools settings page.

    Twitter Tools – Exclude Category – Exclude posts in certain categories from being tweeted by Twitter Tools. This plugin relies on Twitter Tools, configure it on the Twitter Tools settings page.

    Twitter Tools – Hashtags – Set #hashtags for blog post tweets sent by Twitter Tools. This plugin relies on Twitter Tools, configure it on the Twitter Tools settings page.

  • 4. Go to the Twitter Tools Options page (Settings > Twitter Tools) to set your Twitter account information and preferences.

WordPress Calendar Plugin: Publish Monthly Appointments and Important Dates

WordPress Calendar plugin allows you to share your schedule that you create with the world using your blogging software. One of the contributions of this plugin is KieranOshea.
About Calendar plug-in for WordPress

Calendar plug-in is a simple but effective Calendar plugin for WordPress that allows you to manage your events and appointments and display them to the world on your website.

Calendar plug-in is an events calendar for WordPress that allows you as a blog or website owner to publish a monthly appointments breakdown and also important dates for your blog readers to view. This plugin will useful if you want to let people know what you are doing at the time that to give people an idea what days you are free. This plug-in also good enough to provide about events information to users of a WordPress powered site and for instance communities.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – The example use of this calendar plugin

Allows your visitors as the viewer to be able to see the activity that you was doing.
If your visitors want to meet you, or also have a job to do or asked you for a meeting or social event your visitors can immediately see the days where you can be free.
Show the event description by the mouse-over

Features in Calendar plug-in for WordPress

This Calendar has rich feature and also will continue to become better as development continues.

  • Easy to use events manager in admin dashboard
  • Sidebar function/Widget to show todays events
  • Sidebar function/Widget to show upcoming events
  • Comprehensive options panel for admin
  • Modifiable CSS using the options panel
  • Optional drop down boxes to quickly change month and year
  • User groups other than admin can be permitted to manage events
  • Events can be placed into categories
  • Categories system can be switched on or off
  • Pop up javascript calendars help the choosing of dates
  • Events can be links pointing to a location of your choice
  • Monthly view of events
  • Mouse-over details for each event
  • Events can have a timestamp (optional)
  • Events can display their author (optional)
  • Events can span more than one day
  • Multiple events per day possible
  • Events can repeat on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis
  • Repeats can occur indefinitely or a limited number of times

ReviewAZON Bulk Product Review Posting Feature

ReviewAZON WordPress Plugin allows you to bulk add Amazon products and reviews to your WordPress blog quickly and easily using ReviewAZON Manage Bulk Reviews feature. You can add as many products as you wish and have them post immediately or at a scheduled day or interval.

With ReviewAZON WordPress Plugin you can also have them post to a single category or a group of categories just by assigning them before you upload. This is a huge time saving feature that every Amazon affiliate has been asking for since adding Amazon affiliate links is a pretty painful process.

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