Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – Responsive Websites

Premium WordPress ThemesBanner Advertising is a method to make money blogging. For those of you who have a blog with good traffic, you can use this method to generate extra money from your blog. For those of you who use WordPress as a blog platform you can use a WordPress plugin to make this process easier. Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – Responsive Websites for your business.

If you don’t want to join Blog Advertising Network to manage your advertising, you can choose to manage them by yourself. One plugin that allows you to manage your own advertising banner is MyAdManager WordPress Plugin.

MyAdManager is WordPress plugin that designed to allow your blog visitors who are interested to advertise on your blog to self service adding ads banner process: start from determine ads name, ads images, URL pointed and payment process through paypal.

In this post you can learn step by step to install and use MyAdManager on your WordPress blog:

  1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Setting Your Ads: Primary Settings and Buy AD form Settings

Here you can set how many ads to display horizontally and vertically. Set margin around Each AD, Cost per AD for 1month and 1 week. You also can choose to Enable Paypal payment form. if you anable this option you must add your Paypal email for transaction.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – Add your ad

You can pointing the banner ads and set this as your home (internal ads) or outside (external/another ads by your visitor or advertiser). For the home ads I recommend you to create special page to add special advertisement ads form. For example you can create It’s easy, you just need to check Enable Paypal payment form radio button on Buy AD form Settings. You can do this by adding [myadmanager_show_form] on your advertising page.

For optional you also can use alternate landing page for successful or thank you page for advertiser after successful payment.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – add MyADManager Widget

After that you can add the MyADManager Widget in your sidebar or wherever you want to display the Ads.

Save your MyAdManagers widget and after that you can see the ‘Buy Ad-Space’ banner on sidebar. When the visitor comes and click the banner they will send to advertise page. This page is self service advertising that can easily done by visitor just in minutes. here how the form look like.

Advertiser will able to define their url landing page, image to use, ad name, and ad package. Like you have set on ad price (you have to option; weekly or monthly basis) advertiser choose the option package and price you provide.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – Payment via Paypal

If advertiser agree with the price and want to complete the process, their can confirm or just go back to edit ther ad banner. After confirm advertiser will send to paypal page.

To see all of transaction have done you can go to MyAdminManager -> Transaction Log.

What do you think? I have made money with this plugin from direct advertising. I hope you can make it too 🙂 If you interesting to use MyAdManager WordPress Plugin you can download here!

WordPress Twitter Plugin: Twitter Tools by Alex King

Twitter is Rock! Twitter is an easy way to connect with your friends online. How do bloggers use twitter? Twitter can be a good tool to get easy blog traffic. So, integrating your wordpress blog with twitter and post update each other is a desire by bloggers.

For WordPress users, in this post we announce you one of the most popular WordPress Twitter Plugin: Twitter Tools!

Twitter Tools is WordPress plugin by Alex King that creates integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. Twitter Tools allows you to pull your tweets into your blog (as posts and digests) and create new tweets on blog posts and from within WordPress.
Twitter Tools Installation

  • 1. Download the twitter tools plugin archive and expand it.
  • 2. Put the ‘twitter-tools’ directory into your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • 3. Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress Administration area and click ‘Activate’ for Twitter Tools.

    Twitter Tools – URLs – Use for URL shortening with Twitter Tools. This plugin relies on Twitter Tools, configure it on the Twitter Tools settings page.

    Twitter Tools – Exclude Category – Exclude posts in certain categories from being tweeted by Twitter Tools. This plugin relies on Twitter Tools, configure it on the Twitter Tools settings page.

    Twitter Tools – Hashtags – Set #hashtags for blog post tweets sent by Twitter Tools. This plugin relies on Twitter Tools, configure it on the Twitter Tools settings page.

  • 4. Go to the Twitter Tools Options page (Settings > Twitter Tools) to set your Twitter account information and preferences.

WordPress Calendar Plugin: Publish Monthly Appointments and Important Dates

WordPress Calendar plugin allows you to share your schedule that you create with the world using your blogging software. One of the contributions of this plugin is KieranOshea.
About Calendar plug-in for WordPress

Calendar plug-in is a simple but effective Calendar plugin for WordPress that allows you to manage your events and appointments and display them to the world on your website.

Calendar plug-in is an events calendar for WordPress that allows you as a blog or website owner to publish a monthly appointments breakdown and also important dates for your blog readers to view. This plugin will useful if you want to let people know what you are doing at the time that to give people an idea what days you are free. This plug-in also good enough to provide about events information to users of a WordPress powered site and for instance communities.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – The example use of this calendar plugin

Allows your visitors as the viewer to be able to see the activity that you was doing.
If your visitors want to meet you, or also have a job to do or asked you for a meeting or social event your visitors can immediately see the days where you can be free.
Show the event description by the mouse-over

Features in Calendar plug-in for WordPress

This Calendar has rich feature and also will continue to become better as development continues.

  • Easy to use events manager in admin dashboard
  • Sidebar function/Widget to show todays events
  • Sidebar function/Widget to show upcoming events
  • Comprehensive options panel for admin
  • Modifiable CSS using the options panel
  • Optional drop down boxes to quickly change month and year
  • User groups other than admin can be permitted to manage events
  • Events can be placed into categories
  • Categories system can be switched on or off
  • Pop up javascript calendars help the choosing of dates
  • Events can be links pointing to a location of your choice
  • Monthly view of events
  • Mouse-over details for each event
  • Events can have a timestamp (optional)
  • Events can display their author (optional)
  • Events can span more than one day
  • Multiple events per day possible
  • Events can repeat on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis
  • Repeats can occur indefinitely or a limited number of times

ReviewAZON Bulk Product Review Posting Feature

ReviewAZON WordPress Plugin allows you to bulk add Amazon products and reviews to your WordPress blog quickly and easily using ReviewAZON Manage Bulk Reviews feature. You can add as many products as you wish and have them post immediately or at a scheduled day or interval.

With ReviewAZON WordPress Plugin you can also have them post to a single category or a group of categories just by assigning them before you upload. This is a huge time saving feature that every Amazon affiliate has been asking for since adding Amazon affiliate links is a pretty painful process.