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Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018There are times when we pay too much attention to link building and not enough to the many other SEO factors that go into ranking well in the search results. This can be particularly true if we are trying to climb above one of our competitors in those search results. Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

It is quite easy to find information on our competitors. One piece of important information is how many backlinks your competitors have. If you find that you have far more backlinks than your competitor, yet still not outranking them, perhaps it’s time to start looking at other SEO factors.

Perhaps their content has a better ratio of keywords than yours. It could be you have too many keywords, or not enough. Other SEO factors such as page titles, internal links, the use of H1 and H2 within the content; these can all contribute to your overall search rankings.

You may need to dig deeper. Perhaps your internal links are not using the right anchor text or the URL is not keyword optimized. Sometimes, believe it or not, you are placing too much emphasis on the SEO factors and not enough emphasis on the visitor.

A web site can rank very well in the search results, however if enough visitors bounce away because of lousy content, then your ranking may suffer considerably. Checking your bounce rate is a must and it should be checked frequently as part of your SEO monitoring process. If it is high, try to reduce it by reworking your content so it aligns more closely to your keywords.

There are many areas that need looking at when it comes to SEO, don’t just concentrate on backlinks.

Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018 – Social Media

Social media is becoming used as both a marketing and link building option by many SEO proponents. There are many different types of social media outlets ranging from forums through social bookmarking and social interaction sites like Facebook and Myspace.

It often appears that individuals who use these sites do so to get incoming links and traffic coming into their pages, but not going back out again. From an SEO perspective I can understand the thinking – if there is any. Sometimes it is done without giving any thought to reversing the process.

Many will ask, “why would you link back to a social site?” Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t. But there are times when your promotion of a social site may ultimately benefit your own SEO agenda.

Take a forum. Most forums are specialized, which means the links coming back could be considered quality. The downside of many forums that specialize is that they don’t receive masses of traffic themselves. If you promote these forums you can help to build their numbers and this growth could be exponential; that is, for every visitor you introduce the long benefit may be 5 or 10 new members as they introduce new members themselves.

How does this help your long term SEO? In simple terms, the more members in a forum, the more exposure you will receive. Consider a forum with 50 members and 10%, at various times, link back to your site – that’s five links. Increase that number to 250 members and you receive – twenty-five relevant links.

It may seem I am mocking these links, I am not. It is the long term that is important. If each site that has linked to your pages receives 200 visitors per day – that is a total of 1000 from five links – compare that to 5000 from twenty-five links. If 10% of those visitors click through to your pages, that is a 100 compared to 500. We could carry this on with 10% of those visitors linking, and so on. You can see the cumulative effect.

This has all been generated simply by promoting that forum and increasing the number of members. If you look at some of the larger SEO related forums that are around today, particularly those that have been around for five plus years, members of these forums who have remained active now boast backlinks into the tens of thousands. A majority of those backlinks would have had their origins in the forums and you can guarantee that in the early days they were keen to promote them. Many of these long term forum members are still actively engaged in promoting the forum and trying to attract new members.

Forums are just one example. Social bookmarking has the potential to deliver similar results in a shorter period of time. By simply promoting a social site, your own long term SEO goals may be given a sizeable boost.

Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018 – SEO And Backlinks

The forums at DigitalPoint have been discussing the apparent change in Yahoo! back link counts. One voice appears to have lost 5000 links. From an SEO point of view, this could be a heavy loss; it really depends on what percentage those links form. If his starting point is in excess of 20,000, a 25% loss is significant.

Google can be very slow at updating their back link counts. Most SEO experts become quite frustrated with the delay between creating a link and its appearance in Google’s stats. Google are also fairly fastidious as to what they call a link. Yahoo! may show several thousand links while Google will only show several hundred.

There are many reasons behind this difference, one of the major ones being no follows and how they are handled. It has been apparent that Yahoo! often counts no follow links. For this reason alone a link on a nofollow site can still be useful to your ultimate SEO goals. Yahoo! is also prepared to count multiple links on the one page where Google will generally only count the link once. However, one commenter on DigitalPoint made the observation that:

Sometimes there can a real risk in becoming too absorbed in the data. Search engines will change their algorithms without warning. The focus should be on delivering what the consumers or visitors are looking for. The major search engines will over time use the habits of users to determine rank as much as external factors such as linking. Search engine optimization will become much tougher as time goes by, however, if you can attract visitors and keep them on your site; this will overtime do as much for your rankings as any back link.