Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018

Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018Twitter isn’t a link building service. In fact, aside from the one link you get in your 140-character limit bio, there isn’t a whole lot of potential for building links through Twitter. At least, not directly. However, there are some indirect methods for building links. Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018.

We’ve written about pinging your Twitter stream before. But what we haven’t talked about is how to use Twitter as link bait.

You want to build links to your website, right? Well, you have to promote it then and Twitter is a great way to promote your website. A GREAT way. Here’s one method you can use to get Twitter’s help in building inbound links to your website.

  • Build up a massive Twitter following. There are several online tools available to help you find people with interests like yours. Whichever ones you decide to use, keep in mind that the more followers you have the more likely you are to get people retweeting your blog posts and linking to you from their blogs.
  • Tweet your blog posts. Kind of a no-brainer, right? How are you going to build links to a site if no one knows about it? Use a Tweet/Retweet plugin for WordPress if you have a WP blog. Also, use Twitter Tools or another similar plugin so that your blog posts are automatically Twittered when they post. Bottom line, get your blog posts on Twitter where your massive follower list will see it.
  • Build relationships with your followers. Tweet their blogs posts and retweet their messages. They will reciprocate. Also, send @replies and get people to talking. Once they realize you are a real human being and you have a personality, they will read your blog posts, tweet them, and link to you from their blogs.
  • Use Tweetlater to retweet awesome blog posts a couple of weeks out. Just when the online passion has died down you can resurrect again with a carefully placed tweet when your followers least expect it.
  • Bookmark it. Twittley is a social bookmarking service that automatically sends a tweet when you bookmark a page. Also, whenever someone else votes for your submissions, Twittley will send out a retweet. And since it is a fairly new service, you can virtually get in on the ground floor and building your reputation before the competition does.
  • Build content worth linking to. Really, this one should be the first item on the list. You can do all of the other stuff here and never get a link back if your content isn’t link worthy. The No. 1 way to ensure you get a link is to make your content worthy of links.

Twitter is a great tool for promotion. It won’t provide the links for you, but you can use Twitter to promote your great content and your followers will link to the really good stuff.

Premium WordPress Themes – Media Links

You know that .gov and .edu links are some of the most valuable links you can get. But what about media links?

From a search engine optimization point of view, media links hold no special value, but from a traffic and authority point of view they hold a lot of value. The reason is quite simple. If you get a link from an authoritative media website then it is seen by the majority of readers as a strong vote of confidence in your authority.

But it isn’t easy getting media links. Perhaps the best way to ensure you get that coveted media link is to send a press release. But you should make sure you send it to the right person at the right media company. Perform a search for keywords related to your niche and add “news” or “media” as a modifier to your key phrase. This will usually return news and media sites within your industry. Once you find a website in your area of interest that writes news-related content, look for areas within the site that serve your particular specialty within the niche. If there isn’t one that look for the contact information for an editor-in-chief or someone who writes about your topical area.

Targeting the right information to the right person is key to getting good links. You should consider building a rapport with a news journalist before sending a press release or query. That will not guarantee a story or a link to your website, but it will mean you are going in warm rather than cold and that could make all the difference. What tips do you have for getting media links?

Premium WordPress Themes – Link Your Website

Google put a snuff in website networks last year with one simple change to its algorithm. Does that mean that you can’t link your websites together at all as part of your link building and long term search engine optimization efforts? No, that’s not what that means.

There are legitimate reasons for linking your websites together. The practice that Google was attempting to put an end to, and which they seem to have succeeded, is using non-related sites to drive up page rank and link popularity unnaturally just because a certain group of websites are owned by the same person or company, or to prevent unnatural agreements occurring between website owners. Think about it: If you have a website on auto mechanics, another one on gardening, a third on about skydiving, a fourth one that is a literary website, and then a fifth site that is religious in nature, none of those sites have anything in common other than your ownership of them. If you did not own them there would be no reason why those websites should link together. So why link them?

Many webmasters were linking these kinds of sites together for an unnatural PR transference and Google didn’t like it. For instance, if your literary site was a PR 7 and all others were PR 5 and below, a webmaster might link to his other sites from the PR 7 site. He’d like the PR 5 site to all sites with a lower PR. Bad karma, dude.

But you might try going it like this – build a personal site or a site around your brand. Make it a branded site by just providing information about you or your company. Then link to all of your sites from that location, like it’s a hub. It will have a lower PR than the rest of your sites since it is newer. But don’t link any of your other sites together. You may or may not link your other sites to your hub. That’s up to you.

By doing it this way you are still linking your sites together, but you are doing it legitimately by making the connection that your sites, though covering separate niches, are related by your ownership. You are showing Google that you aren’t concerned with PR manipulation, rather, with making sure that your site visitors are aware of your connection to the separate niches.