The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018

The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018New webmasters might be confused about the difference between visitors and unique visitors in your analytics program. If you’re not sure which metric is the more important of the two then perhaps you need to spend a little more time analyzing your traffic. Your Visitor count is the total number of visitors in the reporting period you are observing. Unique visitors is the number of visitors who have visited your site for the first time. Which is the more important metric for your site depends a lot on your site’s mission and your goals, but for most website owners, both metrics tell a story. Total visitor count is an important metric because it tells you precisely how many people who have been on your website. That’s important for determining your conversion rate. 1,000 visitors resulting in 100 sales equals a 10% conversion rate. You can build from that. The Best premium WordPress themes for 2018 with color picker and animation.

Unique visitors are important too, however. Most visitors will not purchase on the first visit. If you have a high unique visitor count relative to your total visitors then that means you are not getting many repeat visitors. That could be a telling sign that your content is not compelling enough. It could also mean that you are losing opportunities to convert traffic and close sales. Maybe your calls to action need work or you are losing visitors somewhere else within your sales pitch. Whatever the case, a high unique visitor count relative to your total visitor count means that most of your site visitors are not returning.

Measuring traffic is not all about raw numbers. It’s about reaching the right target market. And if you have a high unique visitor count relative to your total visitor count, it could be because you are not reaching the right target market. Maybe you need to target other keywords as part or your search engine optimization efforts or create better, stickier content to engage your visitors better to keep them coming back to your website.

Hopefully this will give you some helpful tips into the relationship between your total visitors and unique visitors. Knowing how to analyze your traffic numbers can go a long way to knowing how to solve your online problems and can help you craft a long term strategy for future success.

Premium WordPress Themes – Best Things

Some of the best things in life are free. Google Analytics is one of them…Google Analytics is one of the easiest tools to implement when it comes to ensuring that you are able to track your website statistics and have a working intelligence of your search engine optimization and search engine marketing efforts. You just set up an account and add the code provided to you to the footer of your website pages. Then you are able to view your statistics at a glance. There are elements that are perfect for the novice and expert users alike.

To sign up for a Google Analytics account, migrate over to and click the link on the right of the screen that reads “Sign Up Now”. You’ll see it just under the blue button labeled Access Analytics. You’ll receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. Click that link and sign into your Google Analytics account.

You should see a button that says “Get Started”. Click it and Google Analytics will walk you through the steps to set up your website for tracking. When you get the tracking code, simply insert it onto your web pages in the footer, before the closing body tag. You’ll have to do this for every page of your website. Google Analytics will not track the stats for any page that does not have this code.

It will take about 24 hours before you can view your statistics after including the code on your website. Once you do, you can use that information to better market yourself and make intelligent decisions about how you run your business and your website.

Premium WordPress Themes – New Features

If you use Google Analytics, which is perhaps the best free analytics tool online, then you should know that the Google team behind it has added new features. These features are designed to help power users make the most of the analytics tool and to make the tool more flexible. I think Google succeeds on this one.

Here’s a run down of the new features:

  • Two new goal types and expansion of the number of goals allowed
  • Expanded mobile reporting
  • Advanced Table Filtering
  • Unique Visitor Metric for custom reports
  • Multiple custom variables
  • Sharing and custom reports expansion features
  • Analytics Intelligence
  • Custom Alerts

While all of these features are great new features for someone, I think two of the most robust off these features are the last two (Analytics Intelligence and Custom Alerts). You can set up GA to alert you weekly or monthly when certain important metrics occur on your site and Google Analytics will keep an eye on key metrics and notify you when important milestones are reached based on a programmed algorithm. Google Intelligence looks to be quite promising to all webmasters and I can’t wait to see it in action.

Premium WordPress Themes – Base64 Code

Base64 code derives its name from the fact that it uses only 64 characters. MIME-based (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), Base64 uses only A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and the “+” and “/” symbols. That’s 64 characters, hence the name.

In and of itself, Base64 is not bad. It has its practical uses. One of its widest applications is in embedding binary files such as images within scripts. This allows a coder to include the photo on the page rather than in an external file. It is also used to store passwords for encryption.

The problem with Base64 encoding is its strengths are also its weaknesses. Because it is useful in obfuscating passwords and embedding binary files within scripts, it is easy for spammers and malware distributors to use as well. In fact, this is often precisely what they do. And they do from within your WordPress themes. Some WordPress developers have figured out that they can use Base64 to embed a delayed script within the footer of your WordPress theme that is activated once so many downloads of that theme have been distributed. Then, you have a malware problem.

Other theme developers sell links that are placed within WordPress theme footers. You can’t see them because they stored inside a Base64 encoding string. It looks like one link to the naked eye, but in reality it could be linking to half a dozen or more websites. Even if those sites are all good and pose no threats, it’s still not something you want to do, right?

Well, there is a solution to this problem. You can download the Theme Authenticity Checker for WordPress and detect these Base64 strings that link to sites you do not want to endorse. You can then either delete those links from your blog’s footer or find a new theme. Either way, you rid yourself of unwanted Base64 code.